Food Photography Props Kit B (regular price $119)

$95.00 USD

Food Photography Props Kit B includes below items that are worth $119 at regular price! Each item is available to buy individually by searching the name on the website.

  • Galvanized Metal Charger Plates - three sizes $39.99 regular price
  • Vintage Finish Black Scissors - $12.45 regular price
  • Antique Wooden Spools with Lace -  style C $10.99 regular price
  • Soft and Dreamy Dyed Cotton Gauze Napkin - grey green(6) $6.99 regular price
  • Rustic Galvanized Cup - $13.99 regular price
  • Rustic Galvanized Farmhouse Round Serving Tray with Handles - small $34.99 regular price